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The annual 24-hour hackathon for novice hackers, first time programmers, and people to try something new. Hosted by the University of Alberta’s Computer Engineering Club, join us at Startup Edmonton November 18th - 19th.

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Hackathons are for designing, creating, and building awesome projects. HackEDbeta is a welcoming event that provides a great learning environment for students from any program of study or school (including our high school friends!) Whether or not you have programmed before does not matter! We want you here regardless your level of experience!


Mentors from cool startups in Edmonton and grad students of the University of Alberta will be available throughout the event to help students along with their projects.


Worried about being in a competition? Don’t be! The competition aspect is optional - if you wish to opt out of presenting your project at the end, you can. This hackathon is all about learning something new and the environment will be extremely laid back. The prizes are sweet, and so is the swag!

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We want to see you take your idea and make it a reality, and we’re here to help from idea to final product in just 24 hours. Register today or contact us for more information.

Hackathons are a supportive environment for designing, creating, and building awesome projects. You can help eager students work through their first programs, projects, and hacks while participating yourself. Be a part of making that great hackathon environment; full of problem solving, hacking, and innovating.

How it Works

Signing up through the Enter & Mentor program registers yourself as a competitor in HackEDbeta while also making yourself available as a mentor. This means while you compete, you may be asked questions on the slack or be approached by students seeking help. Enter & Mentor is available for graduate and undergraduate students.

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Contribute to the community in a special way. Be a part of making someone else's hackathon experience special while also getting your own project finished. Signup now!

Hackathons are filled with passionate students who are excited to build a project with your help in just 24 hours! These are the students that will go on to be creative problem solvers and dedicated leaders in our communities.

Why Mentor?

Mentoring at HackEDbeta is a great opportunity to work with these young talents on a face-to-face level. Get engaged in the problems they’re solving over the 24 hours, and support them through their adventure.

How to Mentor?

Help students past their roadblocks and guide them towards a solution. 24 hours can be a lot time so we’ve broken up the time into 6, four hour shifts. Just fill out the mentorship form!

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Be a part of our growing student tech community in Edmonton, help us run workshops and improve one-on-one mentor opportunities for participants, help teams build projects, and connect with the innovative minds of the future.

HackED Beta is one of the annual student hackathons hosted by the Computer Engineering Club at the University of Alberta. On the 18th and 19th of November, we are hoping to push around 60 – 80 students to learn and build amazing projects for 24 hours. The event will be held at Startup Edmonton (301, 10359 104 St Mercer Warehouse).

Why Sponsor

Most hackathons highly competitive in spirit. We believe that such competitive events can bring out amazing work but can also be intimidating for developers just getting started in the industry. Our goal with this event is to create a hackathon with less emphasis on competition and more on learning and trying out new technologies. To do this we are planning on bringing more mentors and hosting workshops throughout the event. We want developers with little to no experience to feel welcome and feel encouraged to learn while still having a bit of competition to push them forward.

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HackED Beta is a great opportunity for your company to get to see and promote some of the raw talent we have here in Edmonton. We hope you can help us grow Edmonton’s tech community.

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  • What happens at a hackathon?

    For 24 hours, participants work together in teams of 1 to 5 people to build a project. Teams can work on hardware or software projects. There is no limit on creativity. This hackathon acts as a sort of incubator to your mini projects as it provides a focused time to work on your idea with mentors and workshops to help you along. View our schedule here

  • Do I need to know programming?

    Not at all! The hackathon’s purpose is to create a welcoming and supportive environment to learn. That works for any experience level, and any type of learning. The hackathon has plenty of mentors and resources to help you work on your hack. It’s the best place to try something new.

  • Who organizes HackEDbeta?

    HackEDbeta is an event by the Computer Engineering Club of the University of Alberta! This will be the second time running this event and the sixth hackathon organized overall.

  • Is this a competition? Do I have to compete and present my work?

    Our hackathon has a competition portion where you will present your work at the end, but this is NOT mandatory. If you do not feel comfortable entering the competition with your work, no worries! At the event you can opt out before presentations begin on Sunday. The most important part of this hackathon is that you come out of it having tried something new.


  • Where do I apply?

    Right here :)

  • When is the application deadline?

    November 16, 2017

  • Who can apply?

    Any student, new grad, and graduate students.

  • Are there any fees?

    Only $5! This pays for your entry and some of your food throughout the hackathon!


  • Do I have to be in Computer Engineering/Computer Science to participate in this hackathon?

    Not at all! Any students interested in participating, regardless of skill, faculty or school is welcome to join.

  • How’s the wifi situation?

    Pretty good, but it can get laggy! If you have ideas on what you wish to create already, and know what tools you need, we recommend downloading them at home the night before. This will help you kickstart your project and help to keep the WiFi fast!

  • Where is it located? Will there be parking available?

    HackEDbeta will take place at Startup Edmonton (301, 10359 104 St Mercer Warehouse). The closest LRT station is MacEwan station, only a 2 minute walk away. There are parking lots within walking distance, but these lots are paid.

  • What should I bring?

    Make sure to bring your laptop, charger and any other required tech you’ll need for your hack. You will find it helpful to bring along key items you would bring to a sleepover: pillows, blanket, toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, earphones, etc.

  • What shouldn’t I bring?

    Please do not bring any drugs or alcohol. If you are not sure about bringing a certain item, please send us a message ahead of time.

  • Will there be food?

    Of course! We will provide snacks and drinks (coffee is key!) throughout the event. Dinner will be provided saturday evening, as well as breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Please let us know if you have dietary restrictions - we’ll ensure you’re covered.

  • Can I work remotely?

    Please contact us at hacked@compeclub.com.

  • What’s the best group size?

    You can have up to 5 people in your group! Please keep in mind that prizes are purchased for team sizes around 3 people.


  • I don’t have a team…

    There will be opportunities for willing participants to look for, make or join a team before and at the hackathon through the Slack and after opening ceremonies. If you want to hack as a team, be sure to be proactive during these opportunities! Alternatively, if you have a team and want to find an additional member, these are also opportunities for your team.

  • I don’t have any ideas…

    Don’t let this detract you from participating! There is a lot of time and inspiration at the event! A good recommendation for coming up with ideas is to think about annoyances in your everyday life that you could potentially solve. Talk to your friends and family to help you!

  • Any available resources?

    Hardware resources are not provided to hackers at HackEDbeta, but APIs and software are! Feel free to bring your own hardware resources such as monitors, Arduino boards, etc. We hope you can get all the tools necessary to complete your hack!


  • Can I volunteer instead?

    Of course! All help will be throughly appreciated. Reach out to us at at hacked@compeclub.com

  • How can I sponsor this?

    If you and your company are interested in getting your APIs in hackers hand’s, face-to-face mentorship with students and general outreach with swag, prizes and/or traditional sponsorship, please reach out to us at hacked@compeclub.com and we can work out how HackEDbeta can benefit you!

  • I’ve got another question...

    Please reach out to us at hacked@compeclub.com! We’re always willing to answer your needs :) We hope to help you be the best hacker you can be.